It is my honor and privilege to share the mission and vision of Valor into Purpose with our community at large and especially our veterans.


We hope to make a difference in the lives of our service members by “giving back” to them and their families by providing a seamless transition into civilian life. We can never repay our service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice but we will touch the lives of others as they prepare for life after the military.


Valor into Purpose captures the mission and vision of the program with a focus on the men and women who served our great country. They demonstrated courage the first day they “signed up” and throughout their military service.  As they progressed during their tour they learned the value of teamwork and structure. However, not all of the skills they learned prepared them for a career upon exiting.


This is where Valor comes into play, here at home, in helping our veterans find new Purpose.

* Valor from the educational institutions to offer these troops an education they can quickly master and immediately transfer that knowledge into a lucrative career.

* Valor from our State and Federal entities to ensure these individuals are afforded this opportunity with adequate resources.

* Valor from industry to commit to employ and cultivate them.


We are all a team here, committed to embracing all of industry and government leaders in working together to help our veterans transition into a rewarding career.


Let's do this for them. They deserve it and are longing for a new purpose in life!









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Thank you for your interest in Valor Into Purpose. We look forward to hearing from you.

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